Diederik Rijpstra

Mar 2015

I am working on a new version of The Living City project, the performance we did in Trouw. I have made a video impression of that great night. Enjoy!


Jan 2015

2014 has been a great year for Odd Pearls, because we were finally able to realize the project. And the good news is that we will continue in 2015! We are currently working on a new tour and pieces. If you want to stay tuned, here's our brand new website:


Also, take a moment to enjoy this beautiful video we made:



Oct 2014

The concert in Musis Sacrum with Ayanna Witter-Johnson was amazing. A pity she had to get back to England so fast. To be continued.

For Friday October 31th, I have created a show in which the Living City project meets Odd Pearls. Very exciting!

I hope to see you there.

Van Gogh Museum


Aug 2014

Odd Pearls has started! Come check us out at one of our concerts or listen to us on the radio!

Aug 20 | Opium (radio)| 22:30

Aug 24 | Vroege Vogels (radio) | 08:30

Aug 30 | Uitmarkt | 13:00


April 2014

Tomorrow I will disappear for my first Artist in Recidency. Since my home in New York is gone I have no residency anymore to be an artist, so that's why I will depart for Kasteel Baexem. Check out this beauty:


I will be composing for my new project Odd Pearls. We've got funds, so the tour is a fact!

Let me also share with you this great project called Bekken Trekken. I did the music for this project at Big Orange Music.  Bekken Trekken was initiated  by Warchild to give kids in Palestine a chance to express their emotions, amid all the horrors they are facing every day. Please go to www.bekkentrekken.nl and share your Gekke Bekken!



March 2014


I just had a great get together with the sisters Steenbrink for our project Odd Pearls. The tour is booked and the music needs to be written now. By me. It is going to be a challenging procedure, since I have never written for organ and a bunch of baroque musicians combined with some jazz guys. My starting point will be the experience of Tineke and Judith Steenbrink in their baroque career so far. I am going to research their thoughts, their memories, Youtube comments on boring bach recordings, theirs improvisation skills and more. We will be experimenting a lot in the coming months. For now, let me share with you My First Little Fugue.


Also, I made the music for the Podcast of the popular online journalism platform De Correspondent, in which Lex Bohlmeijer interviews all kinds of interesting people. From now on I will be listening to that podcast every week. And you should too. It's great.



Release tour The Living City coming up!



String trio

My first String trio will premiere in New York on September 28. It is a piece in which you can hear the process of writing of the piece. It will be premiered at the End Of Summer Festival. Featuring Maya Bennardo (violin), Hannah Levinson (viola) and Mariel Roberts (cello). The night is organised by the West 4th New Music Collective, a creative group of composers organising lot's of interesting music nights.




Check out the video clip of The Living City on Youtube made by Joost Reijmers.





The Living City out now!!

Hi everybody, the show in Trouw was a big succes. I enjoyed! There will be a video impression soon!

Check out the Dutch review in De Volkskrant 

You can buy the album at Concerto, TryTone records or you can click it




May 23rd in Trouw: Presentation new album The Living City





Dear all,

the release of my new album The Living City, on TryTone records, draws near. I am delighted to inform you that you will be able to hear the music from this project for the first time, exclusively at 'Trouw De Verdieping', in Amsterdam on May 23rd, 20:00.

It's not a concert though. The large industrial space in the basement of this former print press will host an interdisciplinary performance in which the music of The Living City is the key element. I have asked several other artists to pick a track on the record and use it as a source for inspiration. And because the album is about the universal energy between people in a city; about the exchange of ideas and inspirations; about interaction and friction; working together with a video artist, dancer, actor, performance artist, visual artist and writers, will re-create The Living City for real. And you, as an audience, are going to be part of that Living City.

You can now help us fund this remarkable project as well as the forthcoming album. There is a great movie by Joost Reijmers online, that propels our crowdfunding efforts. Please check this out:


The Living City project in Trouw, May 23.

You can listen to the album on May 23rd in Trouw, Amsterdam. But beware! It’s not a concert. It’s a show in which all your senses will be tickled. It’s about the universal energy amongst people in the city and the music of the album is the key element. I’ve asked several artists to pick one piece of the CD and use it as a source for their inspiration. There will be video, live poetry, performance art, photography, prose, theater and visual arts.

I'll keep you posted!





Hi everybody. I found out that the website is not working properly in Mozzilla Firefox. I am working on the problem. Meanwhile you can use Chrome of Safari.



Sandy's Snow

Since I came back to New York last month I have  been at the Far Rockaways a couple of times to help out people that were affected by hurricane Sandy. Then I thought of a way to help them musically. Well... there it is. A One Minute of Music dedicated to those affected by Sandy. Buy the song on iTunes (all the revenues will go to Occupy Sandy and the Red Cross) or go to www.minuteofmusic.com for information about donations!

Sandy's Snow (for One Minute of Music) - Sandy's Snow (for One Minute of Music) - Single




One Minute of Music

I am very happy to introduce One Minute of Music to you. Twice a month I will produce exactly one minute of music. It's not a song but 60 seconds of art, a musical column. It is there to inspire you. Please go to


And also watch this introduction video



And don't forget to like the Facebook page!





North Sea Jazz excepts and concert in Carré.

The benefit concert for "Stichting Kanker in beeld" was a success. Fay Claassen rocked the venue! You can go to the website to order the DVD. www.oncofonie.nl

I have a video of our concert on the North Sea Jazz festival: Click and check it out!



Currently I am working hard on the production of my new album "The Living City" and another project that will be up online starting the end of October. Keep you posted about that.





Hi there everybody! North Sea Jazz was grand.... I loved it. I hope to have some video footage for you soon. For now I am working hard on an arrangement for the Noord Pool Orkest featuring Cor Bakker and Fay Claassen. It is for a benefit concert in Carré on September 16. Many artists, composers, arrangers and organisers are working hard to raise money for Stichting Kanker (cancer) in Beeld. We are realizing a symphony called the Oncofonie (Oncophonia) to raise money for people with cancer.  Come by in Carré on September 16th for a better future for people with this terrible disease. For more information visit www.oncofonie.nl







North Sea Jazz festival and the Open Song Project

The Open Song Project with Ayanna Witter-Johnson was a succes. Check out the audio experience here on YouTube. It was an honour to work so closely together. The Open Song Project will continue!

On July 8 I will be playing at the North Sea Jazz festival, with Joost LIjbaart, Clemens van der Feen and Harmen Fraanje. It will be a divers set with pieces from the album Wampum as well as new material from the new record (unreleased). The special guest will be Ayanna Witter-Johnson!


Hope to see you there.




Ayanna Witter-Johnson and myself are working hard to make our tour in the end of May a success. The rehearsals with Tinmen and the Telephone, also part of the project, have begun. Come and check us out in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Bosch and Hamburg! It is going to be great.





Happy New Year!

Currently I am working on a new album that will be recorded in February. It features the great pianist Andy Milne, drummer Greg Ritchie, bass player Zack Lober and the adventure seeker Keisuke Matsuno on guitar.

I am looking forward to it and I'll keep you posted.




The music video of the Bimhuis is online.

Enjoy: www.youtube.com/diederikrijpstra

And today: Jazzdag in Rotterdam, 21:00-21:30 at the Balszaal, Hotel New York




Balcony of the Irish Turtle is out now!


This new QUINCEY record is available on Balcony of the Irish Turtle - Quincey

Enjoy the new character and sound of the band!




QUINCEY's gig in the Kombinatie on March 4 is CANCELLED!!!


Check out my latest review in Jazzism! It's in Dutch...

click here!



I posted some new compositions on my youtube channel! www.youtube.com/diederikrijpstra

I scored my first short movie called On The Run and I posted a piece called Coltrane. Enjoy.



Wampum available online

My new album is available on Itunes. Click here: Wampum and support this project! Also check out the great reviews I got. For the English natives: I have some quotes from the reviews of the major newpapers. Check out the download section.




Wednesday June 30, 20.00

Alshey Kahn, the author of  "Kind if Blue: the making of Miles DAvis' masterpiece, and famous jazz journalist, is giving a lecture at the Rotterdam library about the groundbraking album Bitches Brew. And I will be sitting next to him! It's an honour to have the possibility discussing this record with him. We'll be talking about the influence the record had on the music history. Check out www.northsearoundtown.com for more information.




Saturday June 19: Shouting Boots! (Vuvuzela included)


Coming Saturday I will be playing at the radioprogram Shouting Boots on radio6. Together with Dimitar Bodurov on piano. And together with some pieces of my new album and a Vuvuzela. You can listen to if afterwards on http://shoutingboots.radio6.nl





Album release on the 3rd of June

I will be releasing my album Wampum on the 3rd of June in the Badcuyp, Amsterdam. I am really looking forward to play with these great musicians: Gideon van Gelder - piano, Onno Goveart - drums and Clemens van der feen - bass. I hope to see you there!




New album coming out soon!

Recently Diederik has recorded his new album featuring Joost Lijbaart, Clemens van der Feen, Dimitar Bodurov and Eric Vloeimans. It will be online soon.


New website online!

Welcome to the new website of Diederik Rijpstra. Here you can find all about his music and projects. Currently Diederik is studying at the New school for Jazz and Contemporary music, New York, with the help of the Huygens Talent Program and VSB fund. He is working on his first EP, which he will record with Clemens van der Feen, Joost Lijbaart and Dimitar Bodurov, in the beginning of January. We will keep you posted!

photography by Keke Keukelaar

There is music in everything and there are stories everywhere. It takes an artist to appreciate those shreds of life and a musician as talented as Diederik Rijpstra, to turn them into bits of musical art, delicious songs and winding soundtracks. To that end, Diederik has stood on a windy street corner in New York for 24 hours, recording the ever changing sounds of the city. He watched a schizophrenic dog chase its own tail, spent a year in Rome and listened carefully to Paul Hindemith and Philip Glass, for his album ‘Wampum’. And last year he has released his new album ‘The Living City’, which includes the jingle of a cheerful ice-cream truck spinning utterly out of control into a wickedly epic track.

Live, Diederik plays the trumpet and performs together with an ever evolving band of friends and challengers, such as the spectacular singer Ayanna Witter Johnson. He usually includes samples, his effortless charm and on occasion even an iPhone app or a toy piano. But whatever he does, his curiosity is infectious. Diederik will allow you to experience his stories. Stories that can sound like the Calabrian hills, a drunken Russian restaurant in Brighton Beach, an autumn apartment in Brooklyn or an electrifying night at North Sea Jazz where he performed this year. So go see him play whenever you can, buy his albums, and follow his shenanigans as he publishes One Minute of Music every other week on www.minuteofmusic.com. Listen to Diederik Rijpstra; always new, always hopeful and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see his disarming smile free of charge.

In Spring 2012 Diederik collaborated with Ayanna Witter Johnson. Ayanna is a gifted singer, cellist and composer and she has won the Apollo Amateur Night in New York last year. That's the same stage where Michael Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald became famous. The project was called “The Open Song Project”. The duo was accompanied by the Amsterdam piano trio Tin men and the Telephone, for some performances (including ELB Jazz in Hamburg)

Recently Diederik is working as a composer outside of jazz as well. He composed music for a selection of poems of Leo Vroman during the celebration of the poet’s 90th birthday (Amsterdam). He wrote music for the International Holland festival 2009 and 2011 and composed and edited music for the dance performance ChoreOBJECTograhy (choreography Keeley Walsh, New York). Diederik collaborated with diretor Adrian Hopkins for the short movie “On the Run.” On September 16 his first arrangement for big band and strings, the Oncofonie, premiered in the Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam.



Trouw 2013

"His sound is very personal, filled with contrary emotions, beyond virtuosity, very honest and above all, beautiful."

Volkskrant 2013

"His music contains theatrical elements and is like a personal journey"

Jazzenzo.nl 2013

"Rijpstra never sounds dull or polished"

Jazzism 2013

"Rijpstra is creating a grand effect with a minimal use of resourses."

www.jazzenzo.nl augustus 2012

“His tone makes one feel happy and evokes melancholy. Nostalgia and optimism melt together.” 

Jazzism, December 2010

“Wampum is impressive. The music can start out dreamy to be pursued by heavy, exciting, challenging and emotional music, guided by associative thoughts.”


Volkskrant, June 2010

“The debut album of Diederik Rijpstra (1982), studying in New York, is surprising. Not only because of his storytelling, etherical and brave playing, but mostly the unhindered and developing compositions are intriguing.“


NRC Next, July 2010

Rijpstra’s debut shows more compositional talent than before. His music is intriguing.”

Parool, June 2010

“A young and exciting trumpetplayer. Diederik Rijpstra is in the middle of the age of discretion, what an individual sound he has, both in his playing and in his compositions.”

Elsevier, June 2010 

“The creativity is intensely present; traditional and modern sounds blend together. Wampum is a jewel. “

HVT, April 2008

Diederik Rijpstra impresses me with his fragile and emotional way of playing in his own composition Tu.”

Jazzflits, January 2008

“The in unison playing of Van Der Vlugt (saxophone) and Rijpstra creates a full, melancholic and beautifully balanced sound.” 

www.jazzenzo.nl August 2006

“Trumpet player Diederik Rijpstra plays daringly and explores the boundaries of his instrument.”

Booking for Odd Pearls
01-04-'15 00:00
Odd Pearls

Radio 4, Opium, Voncel CS
06-04-'15 09:00
Duting this week I will be working on a new version of The Living City project. Listen to Opium on Radio 4 to stay tuned.
De Torenkamer

Club Rock-Inn
01-05-'15 21:00
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Living City project solo

Conservatorium van Maastricht
20-05-'15 00:00
Odd Pearls Masterclass

Intro in Situ
20-05-'15 20:00
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Odd Pearls

05-07-'15 00:00
Cuijk, The Netherlands
Odd Pearls duo
duo with organist Tineke Steenbrink. Time TBA

Festival Wonderfeel
24-07-'15 00:00
Odd Pearls

Below some tracks of my recordings

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The Living City


The Living City - Diederik Rijpstra

Balcony of the Irish Turtle


Balcony of the Irish Turtle - Quincey

CD baby



CD baby





Live at the Bimhuis








Happy Camper 

by Job Roggeveen

Happy Camper - Happy Camper

At Home
Benny Sings



Six White Russians and a Pink Pussycat
Room Eleven






Press photo (click to download higher resolution, always credit Keke Keukelaar as photographer)


Press photo (click to download higher resolution, always credit Keke Keukelaar as photographer)

Press photo (click to download higher resolution, always credit Keke Keukelaar as photographer)


Press photo Diederik Rijpstra's WAMPUM (click to download higher resolution, always credit Keke Keukelaar as photographer)

Welcome to my playground: music of other projects (documentaries, art films and commercials) I am working on besides my albums.



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